Cooking &
Recipe Resources

All Recipes: Simply the most popular recipe site on the web Click on one of the pictures and the webpage brings you to the food blog that posted the recipe for the dish.

Open Source Food: "Your gastronomic hub where every visit will bring inspiration and a rumbling belly..."

Whole Foods Market Recipes: A collection of recipes, from quick and easy to gourmet.

Martha Stewart Food: Sure, she was in jail, but boy does the woman know how to do food! Provides more sophisticated recipes from Gourmet and Bon Apetit magazines.

Gluten-Free Girl: One of the most popular food blogs filled with recipes for gluten-free food. Provides extensive information about all things food-related, including recipes.

Cook's Thesaurus: This site has the scoop on any ingredient. Where else can an amateur cook find out how it's eaten and prepared, possible substitutes, and how to tell when it's no longer fresh? While students do not have much time to shop for food or prepare meals, they still need to eat. Most of the following recipes can be prepared in an apartment, dorm, or house as you complete one of the other 101 tasks you need to accomplish.

Beyond Mac & Cheese: Easy, cheap recipes with detailed nutrition information and estimated cost.

VegWeb: Their slogan is "Vegetarians Unite!" If you want to be a vegetarian for life, or just for one meal, there are hundreds of great recipes here!

Spoon University: A food site made by and for college students. They know all the tips for cooking while living in a dorm, whether you have a full kitchen or just a microwave!


Cookware is essential to independent life, especially in non-coop settings.

  • A good bet is to buy cookware from graduating independents, who will probably give you a deal. Alternately, you can find cheap gear at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, or Walmart.
  • For used cookware at low prices, check out the Red White & Blue Thrift Store in Trenton.
  • If you want everything in one go, you may want something like Target's Kitchen in a Box set.
  • At the very least, you'll want to have: a frying pan, small pot, large pot, at least one good knife, can opener, some plates, cups and silverware.

Once you get started, you'll know if there are different types of cookware you'll need for your recipes. You may also want to think about a microwave or toaster/toaster oven if you are not using a shared kitchen.


One of the greatest parts about going independent is having the freedom to choose what you eat. Just remember to make it healthy! Below are some websites to help you figure out how.

Remember learning about the food pyramid in first grade? This site introduces you to the new and improved pyramid (now a plate) and also has a menu planner to help you develop balanced meals based on your recommended caloric intake. Q&A, Healthy Body Calculator, Tips to Prevent Weight Gain, etc., Home Cooking: USDA approved article on college health, including links to recipe & fitness sites

The Dining Services Nutrition Page: info and monthly articles, plus contact information for the campus dietitician. It's especially helpful for anyone who works out. Resources for vegans and vegetarians, including recommended daily vitamin intake.